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How Does Our Trade-In Process Work?

So you are looking to trade-in your gear for something new or maybe you want to sell outright. Here is more info on our process works.

We handle trade-ins from all over the globe. From vintage to modern, cameras, lenses, and studio gear we are capable of taking in nearly all trades with good retail value and give you the best possible value for your items so that you get the next piece of gear that you need. Have something you want to trade? Please visit our trade-in page and fill out the necessary info to get started. 

So, how does trading in your gear work with us here at Camera West?


1. Tell Us About Your Trade-In

The first step is to get us some information about your trade-in. For anyone that has the convenience of bringing the items into one of our stores, we invite you to come see us in person. We accept trade-ins at our stores before 5 pm Monday - Friday. If you don't have the convenience of seeing us in person, or maybe you simply would like an estimate before arriving at the store with your gear, we invite you to fill out our trade-in form online. Please be as throughout as possible when filling this form out and telling us about your gear. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take some clear photos of your items and upload them on our form. Here are some of the main things we are looking for when working on an estimate: 

    • Version & Model - Be specific when telling us about your item. Is it a version I or II? Is it a canon or Nikon Mount? Etc?
    • Cosmetic condition of the item - Is it in good condition? What kinds of wear does it exhibit? 
    • The function of the item - Is it in good working order?
    • Included Accessories - Do you have the battery and charger, lens caps? Does the item come with original packaging?

Start Your Trade-In

2. Review & Approve Your Estimate

Once you fill out that online form, one of our representatives will get in touch with you. We might ask some additional questions if we need some more information. Once we have enough information, we will work up an estimate of what we think your items are going to be worth in trade-in value. 


3. Deliver your Items to our Store

Either bring your items to the store once you have an estimate or ship them to us. *In many cases, we are able to supply you with a shipping label and deduct it from the cost of the final trade-in. Having us provide you a label usually works out in your favor because our cost on shipping labels is often less than you can purchase them at a shipping center. 

*Please note, we are only able to provide shipping labels for shipments within the United States. 


4. Get Some New Gear!

Once your trade-in arrives at our stores and we have confirmed its condition, we will finalize your trade-in numbers and issue you a store credit on your account, which you can apply to your next purchase. Don't want to purchase something right away? That is fine. We are able to hold your store credit on your account until you are ready. From there, it is just a matter of applying it towards your next purchase and getting you your new camera gear!


What if you don't want to trade-in?

We do offer outright purchase of gear as well. We handle this a little differently than trade a trade-in. Once we have confirmed your trade-in numbers, we will issue a check for your items. This "cash-out" value is typically 20% less than the trade-in value.